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Saris Ltd. is a family lavender company and business located in Northeastern Bulgaria, near the city of Dobrich, Bulgaria. We have been cultivating this wonderful plant since 1999 and we are enjoying its incredible aroma and unique properties for more than 17 years now.
Traditions emerge on the base of values shared between generations. Anyone who wants to dip
into the family traditions, visit us and see our lavender fields is more than welcome.
Tip: We would recommend you to visit us in June when you can fully enjoy the beauty of the blooming flowers.
In our search of that much-needed nowadays balance of senses, emotions, body and spirit,essential oils came naturally first in our minds, and then in reality...

Certificates and documents

Когато здравето и красотата зависят от нашия избор

When health and beauty depend on our choice

 If you want to buy quality essential oil, consider the following evaluation criteria

The joy of saving costs does not last as long as the joy of quality products. What do you need to pay attention to in order to make the right decision when you want to buy quality essential oil? Ideally, the highest quality essential oil meets these specific requirements:

*  the quality of the raw material

*  high content of active ingredients

*  natural extraction, primary pressing, no subsequent treatments

*  no water or synthetic additives in the oil

*  texture, consistency and compatibility with the skin

*  ensured quality control of production - from primary raw material to finished product

*  single origin - do not mix with other types or with cheaper oils

*  no maceration and chemical extraction during processing

*  recyclable packagingØ  not tested on animals

*  certification - quality guarantee! 

QUALITY GUARANTEES MAKE AND MAINTAIN THE TRUST OF CONSUMERS! Check for certified essential oil certificates