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Saris Ltd. is a family lavender company and business located in Northeastern Bulgaria, near the city of Dobrich, Bulgaria. We have been cultivating this wonderful plant since 1999 and we are enjoying its incredible aroma and unique properties for more than 17 years now.
Traditions emerge on the base of values shared between generations. Anyone who wants to dip
into the family traditions, visit us and see our lavender fields is more than welcome.
Tip: We would recommend you to visit us in June when you can fully enjoy the beauty of the blooming flowers.
In our search of that much-needed nowadays balance of senses, emotions, body and spirit,essential oils came naturally first in our minds, and then in reality...

Certificates and documents
PRODUCTS Our products are 100% natural. Due to their high quality and properties they are widely used in many industries.
As a step forward, in 2016 we began to develop a specialised laboratory and our own brand of end-consumer products such as soaps, creams, micellar waters, etc.
E-SHOP If you want to order our products - you can do it in our e-shop.
IDEAS This will give you some ideas and recipes using lavender twigs and lavender oil and other oils we produce.
HISTORY Lavender, a herb, has been used for over 2000 years of history. The Egyptians used it in their mummification process and decorative urns were found in the pyramids with residues still inside. The Egyptians also perfumed their skin with Lavender.
The Lavender flower was used for cooking and added to the water used for bathing.
DISTILLERY In 2015, a specialised distillery for essential oils was already functioning at full capacity, bringing the power of nature closer to everyone.
The Distillery is located in close proximity to vast agricultural fields,
allowing for the collected herbs to be processed immediately - on the spot.
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