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Melissa (Lemon balm) essential oil (Melissa officinalis) 10ml

Melissa (Lemon balm) essential oil (Melissa officinalis) 10ml

Melissa (Lemon balm) essential oil (Melissa officinalis) 10ml

Brand: SARIS
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Melissa or Lemon balm essential oil (Melissa officinalis) is one of the most valuable and expensive essential oils in the world, used in various industries as a raw material for perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy, food industry, medicine and pharmacy.

It has many beneficial properties including: antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antioxidant and mild sedative.

Application and benefits:

  • strong calming effect - helps reduce stress, restlessness, fear neurosis, insomnia, relieves anxiety symptoms
  • lowers blood pressure, which is why it is often used for hypertension and arrhythmia - via inhalations or by using a diffuser
  • massages with Melissa oil relieve arthritis and rheumatic pain - mix a few drops with a carrier oil and rub it over the affected area
  • aromatherapy - used as an effective complementary therapy in the treatment of patients with cognitive impairment (Alzheimer's disease, dementia)

    Keep in mind: Essential oils are highly concentrated plant substances. As a general rule, do not apply them undiluted directly to the skin. The use of carrier oil or water is recommended.

    Manufacturer: SARIS Ltd.

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