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Rose essential oil 100% (Rosa Damascena), 10ml (8gr)

Rose essential oil 100% (Rosa Damascena), 10ml (8gr)

Rose essential oil 100% (Rosa Damascena), 10ml (8gr)

Brand: SARIS
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Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is the most exquisite and supreme of all essential oils. It is renowned for its multiple cosmetic properties, including being antioxidant, photo-protective, and vascular protector.

Rose oil is an ideal ingredient for all skin types, making it a powerful, delicate, and luxurious cosmetic treatment for women. Its properties can help fight wrinkles, puffiness, broken capillaries. When applied to the skin, its purity and sublime aroma give a sensation of joy, well-being, and inner happiness.

Experience the luxury and power of Bulgarian Rose essential oil, distilled using traditional techniques to preserve its extraordinary characteristics and wonderful properties.

Harvested by hand at dawn, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena petals are carefully selected to create this special oil also known as "Liquid Gold". It takes between 4000 and 5000 kg of fresh petals to obtain just 1 kg of this Essential Oil, making it a truly precious and valuable ingredient.

Rose essential oil soothes and harmonizes the mind and helps ease depression, anger, grief, fear, tension and stress. Improves sexuality, self-esteem and dealing with emotional issues.

Rose oil is also an excellent remedy for poor circulation and heart problems, such as palpitation of the heart  (tachycardia) and arrhythmia. It also helps with high blood pressure and is used to stimulate the liver and gall-bladder.

When it comes to the respiratory system, rose oil helps in cases of asthma, cough and hay fever.

It cleanses the liver and helps with nausea.

Rose oil has a strong cleansing effect on the female reproductive system and can be used to regulate and balance hormones, irregular menstruation, functional infertility, white flow, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding and other uterine issues, while having a tonic effect on the uterus.

Applied on the skin, the essential oil has a moisturizing and hydrating effect. Rose oil has is an antiseptic which is suitable for all skin types and has a very good effect on dry and irritated skin. It is also used for ruptured capillaries, inflammation and redness of the skin as well as eczema and herpes.

Inhaler application:

  • In the treatment with steam, rose oil helps with allergies, asthma, anxiety, headaches, migraines, stress, etc. This oil is effective in dealing with depression, anger, grief and sadness.

Application in massage oils & baths:

  • Rose oil mixed with massage oils or dissolved in a bath can help ease allergies, anxiety, asthma, fever, headache, depression, migraines, mild tension, depression, sadness, stress, tranquilizes cardiac rhythm, acts as a general tonic for the skin.

Application in creams and lotions:

  • Mixed in creams and lotions, rose oil stimulates the skin, as it has a moisturizing and hydrating effect. This works well for all skin types, but is especially useful for the dry and sensitive skin. The oil helps reduce redness and skin inflammations and acts as a general tonic.

In addition to its cosmetic benefits, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil has been traditionally used for its properties on the female hormonal system and emotions. It is a powerful stimulator of female fertility, antidepressant, and relaxant of the nervous system. It encourages generosity, acts as a great emotional repairman, and raises the energy and vibration of the chakras, especially the healing energy of the heart chakra.

This oil represents the joy of the feminine and is a powerful regenerator of the skin in the treatment of dull, tired, dry, and aged skin. It is indispensable in oil formulations aimed at emotional rebalancing of women, due to its power to relax, increase self-confidence, see the positive side of each experience, and provide a sense of joy, well-being, and inner happiness.

If you are looking for an extraordinary essential oil to regulate the female cycle and enhance the appearance of motherhood in women, then Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is the perfect choice. It is also one of the best essential oils to use in the treatment of moxa in women. Try it today and experience the luxury and power of Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil.

Keep in mind: Essential oils are highly concentrated plant substances. As a general rule, do not apply them undiluted directly to the skin. The use of carrier oil or water is recommended.

Manufacturer: SARIS Ltd.

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